Ubiik Weightless Long Range ePaper ( Booth No. :A1120 )


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Winning Reason

  • Ubiik Weighless Long Range ePaper is an outstanding product. It has shown features that no products in the past have, and has potential to lead to a paperless generation.
  • Long range wireless connection up to 2km and has long life-span in terms of durability. It is also eco-friendly and practical that can potentially create a more eco-friendly environment in smart factories and smart cities. 
  • It has received the 2018 Young Enterprise Initiative Award and 2019 SBIR Award.

Product Feature

  • 5 years of battery life:
  1. Ultra low power Eink ePaper Screen 
  2. Ultra low power industrial-grade Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) “Weightless”
  • Connected with 2km update outdoor range, 400m indoor range:
  1. Light Infrastructure of Indoor/Outdoor dedicated “Weightless LPWAN” gateways
  • Updates images in a few seconds:
  1. 100kbps update speed thanks to Weightless LPWAN strong Downlink
  • Seamless integration in any Software Management System:
  1. To applications on the cloud or on local server