Soteria Enterprise ( Booth No. :R1230 )

Amaryllo International, Inc.

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Winning Reason

  • Capable of filming and analyzing video image content in real time based on number of people, gender, age, stop time, stop location, peak in crowd, facial recognition, hotzones, and many other data for more optimal store management
  • Provides video image analysis solutions via cloud services with unlimited storage. There is no need for stores to purchase computer or servers, which greatly reduces entry costs. 
  • Provides security functionalities such as video surveillance that can notify store managers when abnormal behavior is detected.

Product Feature

Soteria Enterprise is world’s first cloud-based smart retail analytics software to monetize customer data in real time. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, it manages an unlimited number of cameras to offer both data analytics and security protection for every store owner. Distinctive Features:
  • Real-Time People Counting
  • Traffic Trend Report to forecast staffing levels.
  • Intelligent Heat Map Analytics
  • VIP and Blacklist Recognition