CoolGaN™ e-mode HEMT ( Booth No. :S0914 )

Infineon Technologies Taiwan Co., Ltd.

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Winning Reason

  • This product is an enhanced transistor that has a unique “Normal OFF” property which allows for a longer product life-span.
  • This product can produce higher system efficiency, greatly increase power density and higher operating frequency. 
  • This product benefits from GaN technology, including high reliability and longer life-span. Also, since the power density has been greatly increased, the system costs have also been largely reduced.

Product Feature

Infineon CoolGaN™ e-mode HEMT reaches 140 W/in3 for 3kW LLC with >98% efficiency, significantly improving power density to almost 3 fold enabling more compact design and efficiency improvement. 
  • Features:
  1. Enhanced Mode: Unique normOFF concept solution and the best fit for longest lifetime 
  2. Ultra fast switching 
  3. No reverse recovery charge 
  4. Capable of reverse conduction 
  5. Superior commutation ruggedness

OPEX and CAPEX reduction, power density improvement and system cost reduction