ASRock Z590 Taichi

ASRock Inc.

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Winning Reason

  • Killer DoubleShot Pro allows the user to simultaneously use both wired and wireless network interfaces, while the Prioritization Engine automatically differentiates and gives different levels of priority to different procedures to ensure the most stable internet interface and lowest latency internet experience.
  • Exclusive Lightning Gaming Ports and independent signal control wires for separate control of the mouse and keyboard solves the issue of mouse function being restricted by the motherboard.
  • Depending on user needs, MOS cooling fans can be upgraded from the bundled 3cm fans to 4cm fans for greater heat dissipation.

Product Feature

  • Lightning Gaming Ports: A new design gives the smoothest USB traffic and best gaming experience.
  • KiLLER Networking: It allows a use of both Ethernet and Wi-Fi simultaneously, and prioritizes programs for optimal networking.
  • Personalized MOS Fan: Users can freely bundle the attached fan or upgrade their own 4CM fan.
  • Rotating Gear Design: Z590 Taichi is the first motherboard with motor-inside decorations, challenging users’ stereotype about motherboard’s decoration.