AR Smart Glasses J7EF Plus

Jorjin Technologies Inc.

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Winning Reason

  • Provides the ultimate in clear 2D/3D immersive imaging experiences, ultra-efficient 3D environmental detection and gesture recognition, while being light and comfortable to wear. This is the start of the new brain computing interface era, bringing about the integration and interaction of people, objects, smart IoT, and digital content information and is the most significant solution the digital business transformation.

Product Feature

  • Extremely clear 2D/3D immersive effect brings an incredible visual experience.
  • Multiple sensors comprising a camera, a Time-of-Flight sensor (ToF) and an IMU support gestures recognition and head movements, which are true touch-less controls.
  • Built in “AR Menu" provides a way to intuitively interact with 3 panels of multimedia information, including text, pictures, videos, animations, and 3D models that overlaid on the physical world surrounding the viewer.