Fusion Fall Detection Solutions


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Winning Reason

  • Uses millimeter wave radar and AI algorithms to accurately analyze the position of a human body and detect whether or not a person has fallen. This information can then be transmitted in real-time to a cloud platform to alert the caretaker.
  • Sensors can be installed on the ceilings of bathrooms or bedrooms where they can continuously monitor the safety and daily life of the inhabitants. Since the product doesn't use video cameras, infrared detectors, or wearable devices, it protects user privacy while also being suitable for use in low-light, steamy, or smoky areas.

Product Feature

  • mmWave Radar: capture point cloud data and analyze people’s stance with AI machine learning model.
  • Remote Sensing: no need for any wearable.
  • Applications: fall detection, occupancy detection, on the bed/bed leaving, etc.
  • High-Sensitivity: breath frequency detection.
  • Maintain Privacy: No camera. Suitable for installation in sensitive areas.
  • Anti-interference: workable in all lighting and environmental conditions.
  • Cloud Platform: alerts sent to caregiver’s mobiles & control center.