HEIMDALL Facial Recognition & Thermal Scan Access Control

Winning Reason

The years 2021 to 2022 were when human society faced its biggest challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet this was also the time that proved the flexibility and creativity of Taiwan's ICT industry in dealing with these changing circumstances. This product is, in essence, an access control device, but under the demands imposed by the pandemic it quickly integrated facial recognition, temperature reading, and NFC and related software to meet the crowd control and anti-epidemic demands of medical facilities, schools, retail stores, offices, and community spaces. This device also has a comprehensive content management system that can greatly reduce stress on system integrators and the IT and HR departments of a company. Since its release, this device has already become common for a number of pandemic prevention uses both in Taiwan and internationally, with the most illustrative examples being its use in the U.S. city of Avenal, California, and the country's largest chain of dialysis centers, DaVita—clear indications of the innovation of Taiwan's ICT industry.

Product Feature

Due to the pandemic need of Covid-19, the Facial Recognition are Thermal Scan Access are correspond to the needs of enterprises. 
Mask detection, body temperature measurement, and even the alcohol spray device can further conduct basic check on our health, and create a safe and reliable environment.