Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd.

Chenbro RM25324: Dual-load ultra-dense 2U 24-bay high-density storage chassis

Winning Reason

As the demand has increased for the extensibility of storage servers, smart devices, and integrated applications, so is there a need for a chassis with corresponding innovative design and new functionalities to enhance the convenience of servers and storage hard drive protection. This device uses an innovative dual-load design with over 30 patents to solve the problem of deformed bottom plates which is caused by overloading the chassis's hard drive. Space is maximized by an innovative distribution method that improves the hard drive's cooling capabilties. The device also uses a patented embossing technique to reinforce the bottom plate and has low-profile "hot-swap falcon wings" for easy manipulation while inside the confined space of a computer case. This could well lead the way for the future of server chassis innovation, and the device is already in use by many big names in the server industry.

Product Feature

RM25324 is a high-density storage server chassis designed to meet data center demands with up to 24 hot-pluggable 3.5” SATA/SAS drives in a 2U form factor. The server strikes a balance between a maximum of 24 bays storage & usability with its unique and patented Dual-load accessibility. Service, installation & repair efficiency is optimized using a tool-less design.  It provides the elements for personnel to solve critical data infrastructure challenges.