E Ink Holdings Inc.

E Ink Driver IC with Dynamic and Interlaced Scan by AI Computing

Winning Reason

Dynamic scanning increases the reaction time when writing on the display while the scanning position is determined by AI calculations and SoC image analysis. Dynamic scanning can decrease latacy up to 11.7ms.
When using IC drivers with color filters, the use of AI image processing and Gate interlaced scanning optimizes the color E-ink power consumption and activates the pixels of color images on SoC. Together, this determines the optimum scanning mode and driver for color images on E-ink displays.
The interlaced scanning enabled by the IC allows for a huge reduction in E-ink power consumption measuring in at a 40% to 60% drop for color images.

Product Feature

1.Dynamic Scan - Improving handwriting speed
2.Interlaced Scan - Reducing power consumption
3.AI algorithm was developed on the SOC for image analysis