Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

Winning Reason

With the rapid development of all sorts of novel applications, the issue of cooling is becoming even more critical as servers are fitted out with various CPUs, GPUs, and AI chips. This is also leading to an inability to improve power efficiency. Current air cooling systems are unable to meet the zero carbon emmisions goals of data centers, and the shift towards water cooling technology has already become a major trend in the industry. The water cooling solution provided by this device is a system comprising an in-cabinet liquid cooling monitoring unit placed inside the server case, a cold water main unit, and a rear door heat exchange or cold plate. This forces the heat energy to be expelled, effectively reducing the server's PUE. This technology has received verification from Intel and is already in use by many big names in the server industry.

Product Feature

1. Filter design to ensure the cleanliness of the coolant inside the cabinet.
2. Redundant pump design, no downtime required.
3. International standard quick couplings for quick installation and maintenance. 
4. 7" LCD touch screen.
5. Remote control system.
6. Built-in auto coolant supply pump and low coolant level alarm.
7. Maximum cooling capacity 80kW.
8. Variable frequency flow constant temperature control for warm water cooling. 
9. Auto control electric motor valve.