Beseye Cloud Security Co.,Ltd.

Long-Distance Hedge Intrusion Detection Solutions

Winning Reason

The Beseye long distance hedge intrusion detection system uses technology that analyses the unique body posture presented when a person climbs over a wall to increase the accuracy of intrusion detection. This is an improvement over older infrared light or later AI image monitoring systems which had limited accuracy and a high occurance of false alarms. The Beseye system utilizes AI to track the human body, analyse body posture, and determine whether or not an intruder is climbing over a wall. The system is currently undergoing tests in many locations with a plan in place for the future sales strategy.

Product Feature

Higher Accuracy
4000 distinct biometric points distributed across the human body, to determine posture, action and relevance to the fence, yielding a pinpoint accuracy of 99.95%.

Longer Detection Range
Auto-adjust ratio of resolution to elongate AI detection range to 50 meters.

Reduced Cost
Auto-track suspicious activity along the fence. Beseye avoids what conventionally requires high computing costs, by analyzing designated ROIs only; hence the $3000 USD.