Jorjin Technologies Inc.

J7EF Gaze AR Smart Glasses

Winning Reason

Jorjin J7EF Gaze smart glasses track eye movement, including direction, speed, distance, object of focus, and changes in pupil radius. The glasses can meet different pupillary distance and diopter needs to provide a consistent experience across different users.
By integrating many sensors with the highly coordinated "head, hand, and eye" mechanism, users can operate the AR smart glasses more naturally, intuitively, and precisely. The device's human-centered interface improves the user's experience and sense of immersion while also accelerating the arrival of the metaverse. The glasses increase the speed and intuitiveness of testing, recognition, and spacial analysis while also supporting the integration of the virtual and the physical with the metaverse.

Product Feature

1. Extremely clear 2D/3D immersive effect brings an incredible visual experience.
2.Multiple sensors comprising a eye tracking module, camera, a Time-of-Flight sensor (ToF) and an IMU support eye tracking, gestures recognition and head movements.