Micro-Star International

Modern MD272 Series Business Monitor

Winning Reason

The MSI MD272 series provides WQHD resolution for a wider field of view and greater detail. With patented blue light-reducing and anti flicker technology, this monitor protects your eyes while also maintaining vibrant colors and fine detail. With several user-friendly designs, such an adjustable ergonomically designed base stand, KVM switch, and internal speakers, the MD272 was awarded the 2021 German Red Dot Award. This is the pinnacle of business monitor achievement.

Product Feature

1. Inspired by Mid-century Modern Style
Modern MD272 series monitors come with clean, understated, and functionality. With a sleek & curves design, it becomes an elegant decoration in living room or office.
2. MSI Anti-Flicker, Less Blue Light PRO Eye Care Technology, Ergonomic Stand & Tool-free Design.
3. Ergonomic Software: Productivity Intelligence (P.I.)
Effortlessly increase efficiency including the most convenient KVM switch function, the proper display mode, and convenient tools.