Wincomm Corporation

Medical Grade OR All In One Touch Panel PC Comet Lake 24 Inch

Winning Reason

The Wincomm WMP-24M has patented antimicrobial touch control technology that integrates an antibacterial aluminum housing in a beautiful design with a first-ever internal power supply to ensure safety throughout medical operations. It has the latest 10th generation Intel CPU, a simplified motherboard design, powerful cooling technology, and high speed input/output expansion slots.

Product Feature

*Intel® Comet Lake Core i CPU
*Power Adapter Inside Secure Operating Procedure Safety
*Anti-bacteria Aluminum Housing 
*23.8" FHD AHVA (IPS) Diagnostic Panel 
*Optional Optical Bonding/AG Film
*Optional Full HD Capture Card 
*LAN/COM 4KV Isolated Module 
*Optional DICOM Part 14
*Support Video-In with Color Adjustment & DP x 1, HDMI x 1 for Extended Display Output
*Support Windows 11 & fTPM
*Passed the Latest Medical Safety (MDR) & EMC Certification