ArmorX Global Technology Corporation

ArmorX APT? Malicious Mail Forensics

Winning Reason

Armor X's proprietary ArmorX APT possesses a wide array of features, including SMTP instant traceback and multi-factor whitelist authentication, allowing you to establish an active perimeter against unknown attacks, such as APT phishing  content attacks and breaches. 
ArmorX APT has been hand picked by various government agencies, hospitals, financial firms, as well as enterprises within the semiconductor, service, and manufacturing industries to serve their communication protection needs. 
ArmorX is patented within the European Union and has received accreditation from other internationally renowned third-party certification authorities.

Product Feature

Global exclusive patent active unknown phishing bait defense, in-depth analysis of MUA/MTA forgery of others, springboard spam, anonymity, illegality, random numbers/time difference, BEC commercial fraud, public cloud generation (increase in recent years) and other communication behaviors,
Perfectly intercept hundreds of thousands of new unknown, malware-free phishing URLs every year; coupled with global exclusive CDR traffic cleaning, SMTP Instant Traceback, SMTP Hacker Behavior Analysis, Email/MTA dual-verification whitelisting, and eliminate BEC commercial fraud caused by e-mail release in the market of major deficiencies.

The world's exclusive APT penetration attack protection, supports Exchange OWA/ActiveSync/ROH/ECP, HTTPS/IMAP(S)/POP(S)/SMTP(S) anti-hacking scanning/Flow Cleansing/Security Proxy/Login Control by external source country. Standard features: APT IP and short-term phishing domains (30 million+), known malware signatures (40 million+), Encrypted attachments, and password parsing, time-difference URL attack defense, URL Security Scan, ( URL) Malware Behavior Analysis.