CHT Security Co., Ltd.

Security Operation Center Service

Winning Reason

CHT Security delivers comprehensive cyber security solutions which covers the detection beforehand, monitoring at all time and the forensics afterwards. In addition, CHT Security possessed with abundandt techhnology expertise, with teams  ranging from Cybersecurity evaluation, assessment, reverse engineering, forensics and R&D. The team is not only know the latest virus and malware but also delivers in-depth and knowledgeable report. The team also participantes in various security drills to accumulate experiense. The team also introduced AI/ML technology, self-developed automation tools with precise alert system and cloud-based services to enhance its service capability. This service is possessed the potential for expanding internationally so is highly recommended.

Product Feature

CHT Security Co. Ltd. achieved the top rating in the Government’s annual review on the Security operation center service for 6 consecutive years, and its professional strength has been deeply recognized. By Self-developed multi-log collectors, and continuously improve correlation, as well as the integration with MDR/EDR which may expedite the detection and response of cybersecurity incidents. In addition, the team caters to the client’s needs for providing customized settings regarding network segment and assets, which enhance the cybersecurity monitoring visualization of risk level that it is conducive to know the status. In the same time, blue team verification tools, Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), or red teaming are used to improve the effectiveness of monitoring and assist clients to enhance the cybersecurity protection.