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Trend Micro Vision One

Winning Reason

Trend Micro Vision One™ focuses on risk analysis and security insights and delivers a broader perspective and better context to detect threats with the industry-leading XDR capabilities. With native sensors and seamless integrations with Trend Micro’s security stack across critical security layers, Trend Micro Vision One continuous monitors and corelates the information from vulnerabilities, abnormal behaviors, detection events, cloud app activities and account information.  Trend Micro Vision One enables enterprises to assess its users and devices under attack. The security team can have a clear view on overall risk level and responds faster with an maximize efficiency by making less sophisticated security resources. Trend Micro Vision One receives recognitions from various global research firms and organizations and is a competitive solution in global market.

Product Feature

Trend Micro Vision One™ helps enterprise organizations to combat security alert overload and resource constraints with an extensible platform that provides visibility and response from a single console and enjoy the benefit from enhanced security effectiveness, business enablement and cost reduction. Trend Micro Vision One goes beyond XDR by analyzing and correlating security telemetry from endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, emails, and networks—enabling SOC teams to prioritize and respond to threats more effectively. Current customers have benefitted from:
• Cost reduction. Vendor consolidation, automation, more efficient triage and investigation and fewer successful attacks could enable cost savings of 63% for Trend Micro Vision One customers and 79% by leveraging Trend Micro's Managed XDR service.
• Visibility & threat intelligence. Cross-layer detection models, along with security risk visibility supported by Trend Micro Research insights, enable enterprises to see complex attacks and particular points of security risk that siloed solutions miss. In preview, are new insights into SaaS application usage, their risk levels and trends over time.
• Zero in Risk Insights. Observe and evaluate your entire environment, including the identities, devices, applications, and content that may pose a threat to your organization.
• Simplified management. Ability to adjust security policies and drive response actions across security layers from a single console instead of swivel chair management