Asustek Computer Inc.


Winning Reason

Using the company's flagship OLED panel, the monitor features high perceptual brightness, extreme blacks, and high-contrast display capabilities. Its high update rate and low latency are perfectly suited for the peak performance levels required for e-sports. Its 49″ screen and 32:9 wide asepct ratio mean this is the best-in-market high-end gaming screen. With HDMI 2.1 / DP 1.4 ports and Gsync / VRR new technology support, it has the best heat dissipation design of any OLED screen. Whether for gaming or home use, this monitor will deliver 100% in top-level performance.

Product Feature

PG49WCD is a stunning 49” display with QD-OLED panel 1800R curvature to provide convincing immersion for heightened gaming experiences and supreme flexibility for multitasking. It supports dual-device Smart KVM fastest USB3.2 file transfer mode. It features AMD FreeSync 2 Premium PRO tech with DCI-P3 99% professional color gamut and Display True Black HDR400 certified with outstanding brightness and contrast, true 10 bits eye-popping color reproduction. Up to 144Hz refresh rate and 0.1ms low-latency visuals ensuring that even the fastest-paced games. With a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120x1440, the super-ultra-wide display provides the same effective viewing area as two side-by-side 27” monitors without a gap and bezel getting in the way of the view.