FSP Technology Inc.


Winning Reason

Compared with the previous generation, this PSU is expected to save approximately 220,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and reduce carbon emissions by about 110,000kg in 2023, comparable to the effect of about 11 hectares of forest. The product markings are printed with soya-based ink while the packaging is made from biodegradable plastic. The unit is up to 94% efficient at normal loads and is certified with an 80 Plus titanium power efficiency rating. The long-lasting 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan is unbelievably quiet, for which it was awarded the highest rating of Cybenetics Noise A++ by international evaluators.

Product Feature

Product:1.Industrial grade materials used in retail consumer products: the first and only retail product to use industrial-grade conformal coating, moisture-proof, rust-proof, and anti-fouling coating. 2. International power supply design: Compliant with Intel's latest power supply design specification ATX12V V3.0 and PCIe5.0 interface, the peak power can reach 200%. 3.Energy-saving and sustainable: Efficiency up to 94%, in line with 80PLUS Titanium certification for power efficiency 4.Miniaturization: Different from products of the same level, the size of HYDRO Ti Pro is much smaller, which is more convenient for cable management.