Cypress Technology Co., Ltd.

4K Naked-eye 3D surgical medical image PC

Winning Reason

CYP's 4K naked eye 3D medical surgery imaging computer is a breakthrough over current 3D medical display equipment requiring the use of polarized glasses. There are currently no products on the medical market that can compete with its first-in-field innovations. The next step is to integrate and jointly develop the technology with endoscope equipment and minimally invasive surgical robot manufacturers. Cypress Technology has cooperated with four international manufacturers, including the makers of the da Vinci robotic arm. This device is unrivalled in product functionality, innovation, and market potential.

Product Feature

The 4K Naked-eye 3D surgical medical image PC allows doctors to have a clear 3D stereoscopic vision without wearing 3D glasses. It is a great work with 3D medical imaging equipment such as endoscopes and minimally invasive surgical robots such as Da Vinci robotic arms. No need to wear 3D glasses, through the exclusive eye tracking technology, avoid the discomfort caused by 3D glasses. To presenting true 3D medical images with variety of common medical device interfaces including SDI, DVI-I and HDMI. It can provide physician assessment and diagnosis before, during and after surgery. The record images can be used for medical seminars and education purposes. The image can support up to 4K@60 4:4:4, and the high-resolution image can provide more details to help doctors make further diagnoses.