Acer Incorporated

Acer Aspire Vero 15

Winning Reason

The Aspire Vero 15 uses AI to optimize video quality for a whole new video calling experience. Meanwhile, you can take control of Aspire Vero 15 with VeroSense ™, the battery management app that focuses on energy efficiency while smartly contributing to keeping the laptop running longer keeping the laptop running longer with its four performance modes : Performance, Balanced, Eco, and Eco+. The product was designed with ecological protection in mind, using recyclable materials for the outer casing and packaging that reduce CO2 emissions by 30% for a more environmentally-friendly laptop.

Product Feature

Eco-Designed with Earth in mind, Aspire Vero is a product with an eye on sustainability. Now made with 30% less CO2 emission, it's easily recyclable and made to adapt to our planet's needs. Adopting recycled plastics in the creation, 30% of CO2 emissions are reduced in its creation. In our ongoing passion to raise awareness of Post-Consumer Recycled plastics (PCR), we've increased usage to 40% on no-paint chassis and 50% on keycaps and adapter casing while retaining build quality and durability for a longer device lifespan. In addition, this Green PC comes with an OceanGlass touchpad made with ocean plastics. Equipped with a brilliant FHD 100% sRGB display and the latest Acer PurifiedView AI solution, the Aspire Vero delivers the most amazing web calling experience for everyday users.