K-Best Technology Inc.

Fireman Security Management System

Winning Reason

This smart firefighter security management system combines Super TaiRa & Bluetooth Low Energy dual-mode communication systems with a 9-axis positioning device, a live video transmitter, smart clothing, an air tank residual gas level monitor, and an SOS emergency transmitter. Whether a firefighter is down in the 4th floor basement or up on the 40th floor the dispatcher can know their location (without using GPS), physiological condition, and remaining oxygen levels. The system can track and ensure the safety of up to 30 firefighters at a time.

Product Feature

The Taiwanese drama "Tears of the God of Fire" tells the various problems faced by firefighters in the life and death situation, so K-Best Technology hopes to use communication technology to solve the problems and pain points faced by on-site commanders in the event of a fire. This system has extremely advanced autonomous positioning technology, and AI recognition function, combined with Super TaiRa, which has the strongest transmission ability, which is currently the world's top product in terms of personal safety equipment for firefighters. 1. How to ensure smooth communication in harsh environments (such as basements). 2. Where are the firefighters now? Is it still alive?3. Is the oxygen cylinder depleted?