Asustek Computer Inc.

ASUS HealthHub MAX

Winning Reason

The ASUS HealthHub Max is an integrated back-end health management platform supporting software, hardware, and cloud health services and video systems that can also be used in remote care. It provides one-stop service for the long-term care service industry as well as a wide range of general-use applications. The HealthHub can access patient records, saving caregivers time and trouble. With this technology, the future is bright for combining hospitals, nursing centers, and various home health services. The varying needs of users from a wide range of fields will be met through strategic corporate alliances allowing for more a diversified device interface and service models. As the global population ages, this produce promises considerable room for growth to meet the demand.

Product Feature

Simplicity Integrating hardware, software, cloud-based health management backend services, and video systems for immediate use and rapid deployment. Multiple turnkey solution Providing three sets of software for professional, enterprise, and home use, and supporting various measurement devices. Customized combinations are also available based on the needs of different telemedicine scenarios. Quality & Efficiency enhancement Real-time measurement synchronization to collect and apply health data. Extensibility Providing various development tools and APIs for seamless integration with your existing systems.