Maktar Inc.


Winning Reason

Nukii's next generation smart remote USB flash drive uses remote controlled encryption technology to protect personal data and protect against data leaks if the flash drive is lost or stolen. The device is controlled via an underlying level of hardware to ensure that the flash drive's software can't be bypassed by formatting the settings. The value of this product comes from its usability and creative combination with an innovative management program. 

Product Feature

More than 95% of flash drives do not have functions that provide adequate security protection. In the case that the flash drive is lost, trade secrets and confidential documents may be stolen! Confidential information stored in the cloud may be at risk of being hacked. Nukii is the next generation intelligent flash drive that automatically lock and keeping everything inside protected. With exclusive patented NFC unlocking technology, user can easily unlock and manage the device without complicate process. Nukii app is designed for management workflow, share the contents of the flash drive safely and selectively. The best choice for teams sharing confidential documents. Nukii also provides remotely clear data, in case lost of device. The product is design and made in Taiwan, and has won.