Micro-Star International

Creator Z17 HX Studio

Winning Reason

This laptop is the latest model in MSI's Creator notebook line. It's a leader in using e-sports technology such as the Vapor Chamber Cooler cooling system to ensure CPU and GPU peak performance. The result is 3D animation rendering and video editing that is incredibly smooth and fast. With a high 165Hz refresh rate, the screen is fast enough to be used as a gaming laptop while also reducing eye strain. It is compatible with MSI exclusive technologies such as the Pen 2 stylus, AI Smart Image Finder, and MSI Center. The Creator Z17 HX Studio is well suited to a wide variety of uses and needs and can boost content editing productivity. MSI is committed to working together with third-party software developers, such as 3D animated avatar and SteelSeries to continue enhance the user experience. MSI predicts it will take 20% of the market share for notebooks designed for creators in 2023, with estimated shipments reaching 100,000 laptops.

Product Feature

The Creator Z17 HX Studio applies 24-core Intel 13th gen HX processor and RTX 4070 graphics, which can deliver better performance in most scenarios than other brand. In addition, it supports stylus pen that could replace the drawing pad or pen display. For the display, Creator Z17 HX Studio got the most precise True Pixel certified display, which is pre-calibrated in MSI factory and promises superior color accuracy (Delta-E < 2). Users can start the work or design right away without further calibration. If users want to calibrate it by themselves in the future, the built-in True Color app allows users easily calibrate the screen with the most popular calibrators like X-Rite i1Display Pro. Users don’t need to install additional software to drive the calibrators.