NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

Winning Reason

The NVIDIA Omniverse™ computing platform enables individuals and teams to develop 3D workflows and applications built on universal scene descriptions. This is particularly beneficial for companies working to create metaverse applications, and it can develop reliable platform services in response to increasing computing power. During the 2023 CES conference, NVIDIA Omniverse teamed up with Ada Lovelace to add compatibilities such as third-generation RTX and DLSS 3. Developers can use AI enhancements to create customized extensions, tools, and microservices with minimal coding to accelerate 3D workflows and generate synthetic data. This computing platform is a great tool for industrial innovation.

Product Feature

1.Single source of truth’ workflow unlocks 3D data across organizations, and removes redundant and duplicative task. 2.Connectors make apps interoperable, eliminating tedious linear export import workflows. 3.Unite teams working across disparate and incompatible software ecosystems by building advanced tools and plug-ins that are interoperable across programs. 4.Easily build new custom tools and applications in low-code or no code environments with Python or graph based development. 5.Make maximum iterations on 3D work at no opportunity cost. Work in full fidelity and iterate on the fly. 6.One-click to immersive visualizations means clients and reviewers see true-to-reality representations of projects enabling instant feedback and faster, fewer review cycles.