Micro-Star International


Winning Reason

High-end gaming motherboard with top-of-the-line performance and a breakthrough innovative design. The M-Vision dynamic dashboard is full of innovations, including a 4.5″ touch-sensitive full-color IPS LCD, built-in hardware monitoring and debugging functions, and a real-time status display. Settings are also customizable. With seven Lightning Gen 5 M.2 slots, the motherboard can reach a read speed of 12,311 MB/s and a write speed of 11,507 MB/s, sufficient to meet the needs of heavy gamers. The M.2 heatsink has a patented magnetic design, the upper casing showcases beautiful wireless RGB lighting, and the component is easily installed. An excellent choice for those needing to boost their storage performance to the max.

Product Feature

1. M-VISION DASHBOARD: The Industry's first 4.5-inch full-color IPS touchscreen not only indicates the status of your rig, but also allows system operations with one finger. 2. DIRECT 26+2 PHASES: The flagship VRM solution with a total of direct 26+2 phases and 105A SPS unleash the maximum performance. 3. FULL ARMOR DESIGN: The patented magnetic full armor allows you to show off your PC build without messy cables. Even more, it helps to cool down the temperature. 4. ILLUSION LIGHTING: The exclusive multiple structures allow GODLIKE to display dual patterns in one area. Showing off the well craft of the GODLIKE. 5. LIGHTNING FAST SOLUTION: Premium 10G Super LAN, WI-FI 6E, DDR5 memory, THUNDERBOLT 4, 7xM.2 slots, PCI-e 5.0 and Audio Boost 5 HD, GODLIKE is ready for every challenge.