Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Edge AI USB Camera Controller (RTS5863)

Winning Reason

The RTS5863 camera control chip has unique technical characteristics and a market potential all its own. Its technical features include: in-house ISP image processing technology, an AI machine vision engine for edge computing, and a high-level integration of multiple IPs developed by Realtek. RTS5863 is the first product on the market to introduce an edge computing AI machine vision engine into a camera control chip. This allows for clearer imI4age processing and environmental information indicators. Other unique RTS5863 features include an internal video processor and clear ambient brightness and color temperature indicators. All together, this impressive suite of features makes the chip a leader in built-in laptop cameras.

Product Feature

1. High system integration (ISP/USB PHY/Machine Vision processor/ARM based controller, etc.) .2. High system integration makes a camera module lighter, thinner and smaller, so the product can fit into a narrower bezel. 3. Built-in advanced image signal processor (ISP) A. Leading the industry in launching video HDR technology. B. Featuring time domain/temporal noise reduction technology. 4. Best cost/performance value. 5. Built-in edge computing AI machine vision processor allows the camera to wake up or sleep upon identification of a person approaching or leaving. 6. Built-in edge computing AI machine vision processor has functions such as hand gesture recognition, fatigue detection, head pose recognition, etc.