Quanta Cloud Technology

QCT POD HPC/AI Converged System

Winning Reason

The QCT POD HPC/AI Converged System (QCT POD) has a wide range of functions designed to simplify corporate HPC and AI workflows. It's able to work offline and has software configuration functions that together effectively reduce costs, while its real-time monitoring and resource management capabilities help improve efficiency. QCT POD has a rich suite of development tools and fine-tuned workload packages that simplify the work for any container environment in which it is deployed. The solution has a cluster system design and heterogeneous computing that allow the QCT POD to fully integrate HPC, AI and DA. IDC believes that this innovative solution, bringing companies together with HPC and AI, has massive future market potential.

Product Feature

QCT POD system is heterogenous and HPC/AI converged on-premises cluster system with latest CPU, GPU, Memory, Network, Storage and Software technologies to helps customers fast-track innovation. Features Highlight - Optimized Cluster Design for HPC, AI and DA that integrates with CPU, GPU, Storage, Networking, Cluster Manager and Software Stacks - Pre-complied Workload Packages with Intel oneAPI, NVIDIA NVHPC, AMD Optimizing Compiler and Library, AI and MPI Frameworks - Streamlined Cluster Manager for cluster provisioning, deployment, management, and monitoring - Feature Cloud-Native Scheduler with QCT own developed tool - Employ QCT playbook to make Hierarchy Storage Management (HSM) Ready-to-use - Infrastructure Services for different vertical to shorten system implementation journey.