Voltronic Power Technology Corporation

EVA 5460G DC EV charger

Winning Reason

The EVA 5460G DC EV charging pile meets current consumer needs, with drivers charging their vehicle for one hour, achieving a 200-kilometer range after charging for just 30 minutes. It is typically installed in larger facilities, such as office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, and high-traffic scenic spots. Voltronic Power is an expert in power supply technology. In making this product, it developed leading technologies such as DC power supply modules, control interfaces, and protective devices. It also specially designed an ultra-thin body and a 45-degree charging connector for a more user-friendly experience. The front of the chargin pile has large advertising area for painted or light box ads. Exports have already begun for this product.

Product Feature

In-house developed controllers, CCS and OCPP charging modules;Supports multiple charging standards:GB, CCS1, CCS2 and CHAdeMO;Wider DC voltage range 300v to 1000v at 30KW constant output power per module, faster charging efficiency;Optional booster mode, shorten the charging time and improve the efficiency by 28%;The charger has passed 33 sets of rigorous environmental and thermal shock tests from -35°C to 55°C to ensure the system realiability;The DC power module is equipped with UL approved epoxy resin automatic injection to sustain the dusty and salty air tests to improve environmental adaptability;IP54 protection, IK10 vandal-proof enclosure and IK8 touch screen;Each charging mode with dedicated LED status indicator light。(easy and intuitive charging experience)