Amaryllo International, Inc.

Biometric Camera Modules M2D

Winning Reason

Amaryllo's M2D biometric camera module has high-level encryption and P2P network encryption. The company's professional team worked with national high-speed internet and computing centers to develop its "Mars Modules" and other smart city solutions. The camera module is part of a complete P2P network providing global encrypted network connection services to make M2D the market's first low-cost camera module with military-grade encryption. This product has great future potential for commercial layout and expansion.

Product Feature

1.256 bit military grade encryption on Video. 2.Audio Secure military grade encrypted P2P networks. 3.IP66 Industrial grade waterproof. 4. dust proof -40°C~60°C Industrial grade weather resistant. 5.Real-time fire detection. 6.Real-time human detection. 7.Real-time face recognition. 8.Real-time vehicle detection. 9.Real-time pet detection. 10.Voiceprint support. 11.Real-time video resolution adjustment to remove video latency. 12.True real-time 2 way audio talk. 13.Cloud storage support. 14.24/7 professional monitoring support.