Winning Reason

Geminos by Mobile Pixels Inc., is designed with dual ”24” displays that can be vertically stacked. With an innovative vertical center fold, it can be used side by side with traditional displays. This product has great future potential for market expansion and applications through collaborations with creative software tool developers to create even more diversified user experiences.

Product Feature

Geminos series is a vertically-stacked set of twin ”24” 1080p HD office monitors that has an integrated docking station at its base that boasts a sleek, slim design that provides the utmost immersive dual-screen viewing experience. With limitless angle adjustments between them, easily attain a more ergonomic viewing perspective while enhancing work productivity. The Geminos series has a combined display area closer to a square aspect ratio, to comfortably use both monitors without ergonomic setbacks: scroll less, while reducing eye and neck strain. Enjoy enhanced concentration and work productivity with the ultimate dual-screen experience aided by a minimalistic gap between screens.