Compal Electronics, Inc.

APAL 5G MR Glasses

Winning Reason

Using APAL 5G MR glasses for remote meetings can reduce travel costs by about 90% and carbon emissions by 50%. They also help in  monitoring and managing facilities to optimize production processes and reduce energy waste and carbon emissions. The glasses are ISO 14064-1 certified for the company's reporting and removal of greenhouse gas emissions. Using APAL 5G MR glasses for virtual meetings facilitates communication and collaboration within a company to improve management efficiency. These glasses are a useful tool to help companies qualify for the FTSE4Good index series.

Product Feature

1.Support 5G - sub 6/mmWave/WiFi 6 5G's large bandwidth enables faster cloud data transmission, allowing for complex operations with zero delay, high definition, and multiple connections in mixed reality scenarios. 2. 6 DoF tracking - Efficient SLAM system Optimized visual algorithms provide the most real-time and smooth spatial perception ability, making it easier for you to apply various engineering applications in virtual reality. 3. Hand/Voice Control - Support for gesture and voice control Touch, grip, and move the hologram in the most natural way, or give commands through voice control, allowing for intuitive operation in the most human way possible."