Trans Electric Co., Ltd

WiFi Dual-Moto-CAM with Quick Installation mechanism

Winning Reason

The miniaturized, wireless design of the camera solves a major pain point associated with these devices in the past: installation. It is suitable for both personal cars and scooters and can be used in both single and dual front/rear configurations. The lenses are completely wireless, reducing the space required for installation and elimating complex wiring. With quick and easy installation, the device is well suited for those who want to DIY modify their vehicle. The camera comes with several smart functions, such as vehicle reversing recording and the video will keep normal no matter the installation is upward or downward. The device is excellently designed for both car dealer pre-sale installation and consumer retail use.

Product Feature

1.Video Capture with Full HD 1080P@30fps resolution, providing crystal clear video. 2.Quick installation mechanism with Power snap connector for normal motorcycle powering. The total installation time will shorten within half hour for dual cams. 3.With Special design of APP, User can install 1 Cam at the front of the motor bike and also have the other on the rear of the motor bike. These 2 videos can be viewed within this APP. 4.MPEG Transport Streaming file saving format and also with Trans Electric patented file locking. It can prevent file loss and also no recording when accident occurred. 5.BSMI, NCC, VSCC56-3 certification and M.I.T.