Jorjin Technologies Inc.

J7i Light - AI & AR Intelligent platform

Winning Reason

AR 3D smart glasses can layer virtual images over the real world to allow for new ways of educating that were not possible in the past. This year's addition of modularized elements help to further integrate candidate products into the platform, including monitors, goggles, cameras, Tof (Time to fly), eye tracking, Bluetooth headsets, and headbands. The result is a more lightweight product that can meet the various needs of different customers. We have seen great progress when it comes to software platform integration, but more advancements are still needed in finding creative applications and developing the basic technologies.

Product Feature

1. Modular display design that can be assembled as either glasses or head-mounted mode, increasing comfort and wear time. 2. Splash and spill resistance to meet industrial needs. 3. Customizable accessories such as goggles and light shields. 4. Extremely lightweight with optimized internal space. 5. Eye-catching and sleek appearance suitable for different settings. 6. Full HD display presenting vivid content. 7. 120-inch screen for a cinema-like experience even in small spaces. 8. Jorjin has its own launcher and can customize the software content, maximizing the potential for creativity. 9. Maximizing internal space to enable more eyeglass users to use it directly. 10. The frames are attachable and allow users to fit their own prescription lenses, ensuring a personalized fit.