oToBrite Electronics, Inc.

AI Industrial Grade Time-of-Flight 3D Depth Sensing Camera

Winning Reason

oToBrite's AI industrial-grade ToF 3D depth camera uses SONY's latest 3D sensor—DepthSense—and four 940nm surface-emitting lasers to achieve a resolution of 640x480 3D (VGA). Distance measurements range from 0.3-7.4m with milimeter-level accuracy. It has a waterproof and dust-repellant IP67 rating and supports PoE Ethernet. The combination of oToBrite's experience in AI development with its track record on implementation means the system is well suited for industries dealing with moving objects via automated unmanned vehicles, such as smart health, smart factories, and AMR. This product has excellent functionality, innovation, and export market potential.

Product Feature

AI Industrial Grade Time-of-Flight 3D Depth Sensing Camera adopts latest Sony 3D sensing technology-DepthSense , which can directly produce 3D point cloud data, IR frame and depth frame, providing rapid and reliable depth information in complex scenes. In addition, the oToCAM500 is equipped with 4 x 940nm VCSELs and high-resolution (640x480) depth sensor, the detection distance can be from 0.3 to 7.4 meters with millimeter level precision performance. With all technological advantages, the product can have stable performance whether used outdoors or indoors, being applicable to use in smart healthcare and AMR. Besides, oToCAM500-E62GigE has IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating and supports Power over Ethernet (POE), making it a good value choice in many application fields.