Wincomm Corporation

Medical Point of Care and Mobile Cart. Computing Solution

Winning Reason

This offering by Wincomm is the ultimate in mobile medical cart computing solutions. Designed specifically for the medical market, it simplifies multiple devices into one unit to reduce messy, unmanageable wiring. The cart has almost no exposed cables, with a modular closed-top UPS that can be quickly switched out for a flexible power supply of up to 30W for external devices. It has a proprietary antibacterial casing with effective bacterial control up to 95%, a patented hot key touch screen, supports low latency 4K high resolution imaging input/output, can remotely deploy OS systems, and has firmware setting and modification functions.

Product Feature

  • Mobile Intel® 12th Gen (Alder Lake U) Core i CPU.
  • Power Supply Inside.
  • Medical Latest EN 60601-1 & 60601-1-2 Certifications.
  • 21.5" / 23.8" FHD AHVA Diagnostic Panel.
  • Optional Hot-Swappable Batteries X3.
  • Fanless Design with Reliable Thermal Solution.
  • Anti-bacteria Treatment Housing.
  • Optional 4KV Isolated 1X LAN, 1 X COM module.
  • PCIex4 Expansion Slot.
  • Light Sensor for Auto Dimming Solution.
  • Optional 30 Watts Power Output for External Devices.
  • Single Sign On for RFID.
  • BIOS Setting Update.
  • Video In.