Rich Source Precision IND., CO., LTD.

55inch Transparent Multi-touch Screen

Winning Reason

The WTC-9H0W is a high-efficiency, waterproof, and fanless rugged computer system that uses a 12th gen. Intel CPU. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressures with a unique heat dissipation design. It's precision IP66 waterproofing technology is a leader in the application design and IP industry. It has already expanded into Southeast Asia's factories with harsh environments such as food, meat, chemical, and pharmaceutical production. This product shows great potential and value. 

Product Feature

  • Innovative Transparent Design and Precise Color.
  • Interactive Marketing and Attractiveness: The dazzling transparent screen design is applied to interactive marketing, attracting the attention of consumers, and effectively promoting products.
  • Wide Range of Application Scenarios.
  • Support for Android and Windows Systems: providing more diversified applications and operation methods.
  • Multilingual Support and Time Settings.
  • Features low power consumption and energy-saving features.