Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Wi-Fi 7 4x5 Single-Chip Solution

Winning Reason

The Wi-Fi 7 4x5 wireless chip (RTL8934AR) with 4T5R effectively increases wireless signal coverage while supporting IEEE standard capabilities such as 802.11az Wi-Fi locating and 802.11bf Wi-Fi sensing. The single chip design features self-developed multiple green channel technology utilizing an AI identification engine to allocate the most suitable Wi-Fi channel based on client needs. Clients will find this the most effective method for product development that also reduces costs while increasing competitiveness. 

Product Feature

The RTL8934AR supports the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard (IEEE 802.11be). In addition to continuing Wi-Fi 6E to support the new 6GHz frequency band, and providing a cleaner connection environment for connected devices, the RTL8934AR has 4T5R features that can effectively expand wireless signals and increase wireless network coverage to improve the quality of long-range connections.