AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.

Streaming Center

Winning Reason

AverMedia wants to help content creators stream smarter, not harder. This device works to that end by harnessing the power of AI to strip away any background and seamlessly replace it without the need for a professional studio or green screen. The AI engine can easily generate video outlines and intelligently slice videos down to a manageable size for short content platforms, accelerating production time while maintaining video quality. The noise reduction feature can pinpoint and remove messy sounds to ensure peak audio quality. Such a comprehensive integration of software and hardware can only be found here in this live streaming hub for creators and broadcasters, bringing together AI functionality and professional color grading all in an easy-to-use interface.

Product Feature

  • A versatile streaming hub designed for streaming and recording.
  • One-stop hardware and software integration, centralizing control over all streaming devices.
  • Intuitive interface and powerful layout editing.
  • AI Virtual Background precisely removes background details.
  • AI Summary quickly generates video outlines and highlight clips.
  • Intelligent Noise Detection and Reduction.
  • Professional-grade Color Editing delivers true-to-life colors.
  • Supports both landscape and portrait orientations.