Asustek Computer Inc.

ASUS AirVision M1

Winning Reason

This innovative solution uses micro displays in place of larger ones to effectively reduce the energy demand while also making the device small enough for easy storage and portability to suit the needs of modern living. The designers kept the user in mind, creating a product suitable for a wide range of usage scenarios while also being comfortable to wear and easy on the eyes with high visual clarity all in one sustainable, power-saving device.

Product Feature

  •  A productivity tool designed for digital nomads.
  • Generate multiple virtual screens that users can customize to their needs, including screen ratio, screen distance, brightness and also allowing users to pin these screens.
  • High-transparency optical lens (60% transmittance), allowing users to clearly see their surroundings.
  • High wearing comfort: The product design has undergone extensive human engineering testing to provide comfortable wearing experience.