PLANET Technology Corporation

AIoT Application Server

Winning Reason

The PLANET AIoT Application Server (NMS-AIoT) is an innovative industrial edge computing AI smart management platform. It can receive data from both wired and wireless IoT sensor devices, including LoRa, Wi-Fi HaLow, and Modbus, to increase reliability by 50%. Its intelligent dashboard provides real-time analysis of sensor data and carbon reductions, boosting efficiency by 50%. Designed with low-energy components and energy-saving chips, it is managed by a user-friendly application. Perfect for vertical markets integrating secure AI private cloud networks.

Product Feature

  • A unified platform integrating LoRa, Wi-Fi HaLow, Modbus, and more, boosting energy efficiency and increasing reliability by 50%.
  • Intelligent dashboard with real-time analysis of sensor data and carbon reduction. Increase efficiency by 50%.
  • Map display sensor locations.
  • 24-hour real-time notification.
  • Secure QR code log-in.
  • Easy set-up process.
  • Software update support.
  • Support private and PLANET cloud platform.