PLANET Technology Corporation

AIoT Application Server

Winning Reason

Introducing energy management to your business is easier than ever with this innovative solution that brings together environmental monitoring sensors, servers, and display managers into one system that can reduce the need and cost of headcount while enhancing cybersecurity capabilities. This is a practical solution for the modern world, helping push industries to make the transition to net-zero emissions. 

Product Feature

  • A unified platform integrating LoRa, Wi-Fi HaLow, Modbus, and more, boosting energy efficiency and increasing reliability by 50%.
  • Intelligent dashboard with real-time analysis of sensor data and carbon reduction. Increase efficiency by 50%.
  • Map display sensor locations.
  • 24-hour real-time notification.
  • Secure QR code log-in.
  • Easy set-up process.
  • Software update support.
  • Support private and PLANET cloud platform.