Asustek Computer Inc.

ROG Ally (2023)

Winning Reason

ASUS's ROG Ally high-performance handheld gaming device comes packed with features, a custom high-performance AMD processor, and graphics chip. Running on Windows, it gives the player access to all of 3A's masterpieces anytime, anywhere. The device has been designed with custom software that can instantly toggle the front-end game launcher or adjust device settings including image quality and power consumption. The device offers three performance modes—10W/20W/25W—for different game genres, with a fourth max performance mode of 30W when plugged into an external power source. This handheld gaming platform was designed with an optimal balance of power saving and performance, making it the most powerful lightweight mobile game device on the market.

Product Feature

ROG Ally ensures gaming compatibility across multiple platforms. Ally features an AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme APU for high framerates. Ally boasts dual fans for efficient cooling and minimal noise, ensuring an experience to game anywhere.