Micro-Star International

Claw Gaming Handheld

Winning Reason

Esports platforms have been moving toward Windows gaming handhelds in recent years with their ability to access 3A games at a moment's notice. The MSI Claw is the first mobile gamer with Intel's new 16-core processor for long-lasting high performance on the go. The grips are ergonomically design for comfort while the Hall Effect analog joysticks and triggers for drift-free fun. The device's revolutionary intraflow internal cooling system ensures long-lasting high performance and comfort for the user. The Claw comes with its exclusive App Player offering games and apps across both Windows and Android platforms.

Product Feature

  • MSI Claw comes with the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 processor.
  • The Claw has the biggest battery, 53Whr, which is 50% longer-duration among our peers.
  • MSI Claw's revolutionary intraflow thermal design redirects parts of the airflow to also cool the internals.
  • MSI Center M provides a dedicated interface designed for handheld devices.
  • Thunderbolt 4 enables rapid data transfer and enhances the Claw's functionality with docking and connectivity for monitors, external graphics cards, and more.