Micro-Star International

Prestige 16 AI Evo Slim AI Laptop

Winning Reason

The 16 AI Evo B1M continues the design legacy of MSI's Prestige series with its magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis making it lighter and thinner than similar products without having to reduce the number of ports. It has a high-capacity 99.9Whr battery with up to 19 hours of battery life for extended use on the go and industrial-grade software and hardware security features for improved data and work environment security. The laptop uses Intel's latest AI chip to support the newest AI functions such as MSI's proprietary AI Engine, MSI AI Artist, and AI Noise Cancellation PRO to ensure the user can tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Product Feature

The Prestige 16 AI Evo features an ultra-slim body at just 1.5 kg, making it one of the lightest 16-inch laptops, significantly more portable than the usual 2 kg models. It boasts a long 19-hour battery life for enhanced mobility and is powered by the latest Core Ultra processor, providing exceptional multi-core, AI processing, and graphics capabilities, suitable for content creation and gaming. In summary, lightness, longevity, and high performance, ideal for those prioritizing mobility.