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j-mex MOXI Smart Mo-Cap Suit

Winning Reason

Weaving a new path through the industry is this unique washable smart garment that doesn't skimp on comfort for the wearer. It's easy on the wallet and simple to install while maintaining precise data collection capabilities. Its all-ages design is suitable for professional and amateur athletes alike, people recovering from injury, those undergoing or training for fitness tests, people using AR/VR, video makers, and animators. 

Product Feature

  • MOXI's standout feature is its IMU sensing technology, utilizing 10 9-axis sensors to precisely measure and record full-body movements. Beyond sports and rehab tracking, it captures angle changes, crucial for dynamic animation and controlling virtual characters in AR/VR.
  • MOXI integrates specialized elastic conductive wires (high stretchable, ultra-thin cores and a 4 channel design) for wearable electronics. The design complies with the mass production process and is patent protected.