Zotac Technology Limited

ZOTAC ZBOX EGB AD3500 External GPU Box

Winning Reason

The minimalist and sleek design makes this device ideal for professional settings, while its compact profile and lightweight body (only 2.67 liters) can transform any laptop or mini PC into a portable workstation. The unit is powerful enough to enhance low-end or older computers into AI-capable, high-performance devices that reduces rendering times while also improve cost-effectiveness and overall work efficiency.

Product Feature

  • The ZOTAC ZBOX AD3500 External GPU allows users to easily boost graphical performance over Thunderbolt 3. Run GPU-intensive Apps and AI inference faster, or shared between team members for an agile graphical solution.
  • The design is a of an industrial aesthetic, with a professional-grade NVIDIA RTX 3500 Ada generation MXM GPU housed within. The device is also capable of output up to 3 displays simultaneously, boosting user productivity.