PUFsecurity Corporation

PUFcc crypto coprocessor

Winning Reason

PUFcc uses chip fingerprints generating high-quality random numbers and combines secure storage, PUF, OTP, anti-attack and cryptographic algorithms, etc., to develop an in-house innovative chip security solution. It provides a service offering high safety, low power consumption, and simplified integration. PUFcc demonstrates its professional capability through obtaining domestic and foreign patents, the certifications including NIST/OSCCA, and also the recognition of numerous internationally renowned third-party authorities. It’s distributed across various international leading OEM factories and platforms, and so its availability is high, enhancing the added value of integrated chip software and hardware security and pointing to its potential for growth internationally.

Product Feature

PUFcc is the ideal Crypto Coprocessor IP that combines a Hardware Root of Trust with a full suite of cryptographic algorithms, forming the complete security IP module suitable for integration into a wide array of system architectures. 
PUFcc supports all secure operations, such as 1)TEE security enhancement; 2)Key processing and generation; 3)Instant key wrapping or indirect key wrapping; 4)Key hierarchy build and advanced management; 5)Secure boot; 6)Anti-cloning and asset protection by using local key encryption; 7)TLS protocol; 8)To extend protection for external Flash, and more.
The all-in-one integrated solution takes care of all required security functions throughout the product lifecycle. Such compact design also maintains a security boundary for safekeeping sensitive information or assets intact. PUFcc enables protection from the hardware level extending all the way to OS and APPs to secure the electronic products and services.