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Premier Extreme SDXC SD 7.0 Express Card

Winning Reason

ADATA's Premier Extreme SDXC SD 7.0 Express memory card is the world's first mass produced SD 7.0 memory card internationally certified to have the highest speed in the industry. With two capacities (256G or 512G) it can be used as a portable hard drive capable of meeting the future demand for 4K image storage and processing as this becomes more mainstream. This memory card is backward compatible and overall has excellent functionality, is highly innovative, and has great market potential. Well recommended.

Product Feature

1.World's first mass-produced SD7.0 SD Express memory card.  2.Certified 2022 SVP (SD Express category) by SD Association. 3.High-speed read/write speeds of up to 800/700 MB/s, surpassing common SATA solid-state drives, yet physically smaller and lighter. 4.Backward compatible with general SD UHS-I specifications and supports V30 recording speed. 5.Large storage capacity of up to 512GB. 6.Efficient water resistant and dust resistant protection for extra durability and reliability.